Road Trip: Boston, MA

Just click on the photo to see a larger copy of it. All these images were cropped for size purposes, the originals have more of a "border", and usually look a little better.

These pictures are from our trip to Boston in 2001, before our trips were chronicled. So these are just here for the viewing. More pictures from a more recent trip, in 2022, can be found here.

City Skyline

City Skyline - wide

The Mayflower docked in Plymouth

USS Constitution, a.k.a. "Old Ironsides"

Statue by the church

Boston Pops ready to play

Hall of flags in the capital

Face building, with Linda and Pam in front in the second

Church near Harvard

Church steeple at Harvard

Church steeple at Harvard

Court House

Harvard student center / cafeteria?

A street near Harvard

Trinity Church (near the Public Library)

Boston Public Library