Road Trip: South - inland trip

2015 Road Trip Summary

We were fortunate enough to take a real vacation this year. Our first in three and a half years - and this one was much like the last. This year we decided to tour the South again. We took the auto-train from Lorton, VA, to Sanford, FL. And then drove home. Not in one day, but rather over a nine days. We had a lot of fun, saw some great sites, and, of course, ate some great food. Again. However, this time we were a little more West - in-land - than last time.

The weather was excellent.  We had one rain shower while driving in Orlando and another while inside at breakfast one morning.

Trip statistics:
- Gone for 9 days and 8 nights
- Drove about 1,900 miles
- Averaged about 38 MPG
- Walked at least 77,000 steps each (though I walked about 11K more than Linda)
- Took over 700 pictures and videos
- Ate 22 meals

This site doesn't have all the details, but a sufficient amount to give you enough of an idea about our trip.

Day 1: Travel
Day 2: New Port Richie, FL
Day 3: Tallahassee, FL
Day 4: Atlanta, GA
Day 5: Atlanta, GA
Day 6: Asheville, NC
Day 7: Wytheville, VA
Day 8: Charlotte. VA

Day 3: Tallahassee, FL Days 4 and 5: Attanta, GA Day 6: Asheville, NC Day 7: Wytheville, VA Day 8: Charlottesville, VA


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