Road Trip: South - Capitals Tour

2017 Road Trip Summary

Our vacation this year was down south again.  Our first in two years.  We flew to Tampa, FL, and then drove home - the looong way.  Not in one day, but rather over a twelve days.  We had a lot of fun, saw some great sites, and, of course, ate some great food. Again. This time we were even further west than last time - which was further west than the timre before that.

The weather was generally excellent. We had a couple rain showers, but mostly when we were driivng or sleeping.

Trip statistics:
- 12 days and 11 nights.
- 2,575 miles driven.
- Averaged 38 MPG.
- Walked at least 138,000 steps each (though I walked about 7,500 more than Linda).
- 1,800 pictures and videos taken.
- 33 meals eaten (it isn't 3 per day because a couple days we ate a late enough lunch to not need to eat dinner, and a snack of cheee and Trisuits doesn't count as a meal).
- 1 semi-exotic car (it was a Porsche) spotted.  And it was ours.  No, not really.  We were driving a Nissan Versa.  Even with all the cities we visited and road miles driven...
- 5 police cars spotted on the roadways (not that that is a bad thing, but it was weird that there were so few patroling the roads).
- Less than 50% of drivers used their turn signals.  Seriously.  It is a given that in Florida, supposedly there is a law that it isn't required, but in all the other states?  It was ridiculous.

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This site doesn't have all the details, but a sufficient amount to give you enough of an idea about our trip.  And for us to remember the highlights when we read this next month, year or decade.  The map below also doesn't quite show the entire map of destination because Google has a ten (10) destination limit and we had thirteen (13) major destinations including the airports and our initial stop-over on the first day.

Day 1: Travel and Florida

Day 2: Tallahassee, FL including the capital, state museum, and Mission San Luis

Day 3: Mobile, AL including the Mobile Carnival Museum, the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, and Bellingrath House and Gardens

Day 4: New Orleans, LA including the Confederate Memorial Hall (aka the Civil War Museum), and Longue Vue House and Gardens

Day 5: New Orleans, LA including Saint Louis Cathederal, and a walking food tour

Day 6: Baton Rouge, LA including the capital, and the U.S.S. Kidd

Day 7: Jackson, MS including the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, the capital, and the Garden of Mynelle Hayward

Day 8: Montgomery, AL including the First White House of the Confederacy, the capital, and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Day 9: Nashville, TN including the cpaital, a food tour, and Lane Motor [Car] Museum

Day 10: Frankfort, KY including the capital and Central Park (Ohio)

Day 11: Charleston, WV including the capital

Day 12: Harrisonburg, VA including Edith Carrier Arboretum Gardens at James Maddison University

Day 2: Tallahassee, FL Day 3: Mobile, AL Days 4 and 5: New Orleans, LA Day 6: Baton Rouge, LA Day 7: Jackson, MS Day 8: Montgomery, AL Day 9: Nashville, TN Day 10: Frankfort, KY Day 11: Charleston, WV Day 12: Harrisonburg, VA