Road Trip: Southeast

2022 Road Trip Summary

The capitols visited on this trip are: Atlanta, GA; Columbia, SC; Raleigh, NC; and Richmond, VA.
These four make our total count twenty-five, and bring us to the halfway point.

The target of this vacation was the Southeast.
This wasn't the complete southeast, but the portion of it that we needed stamps for.
We previously visited Atlanta, GA, for two days.
We were in Richmond for a cousin's wedding year's ago, but didn't visit the capital.
We even visited Raleigh, NC - the capitol, no less - but didn't get a stamp. Yes, we could get a sticker in its place, but we would literally have to drive through Raleigh to get to Richmond anyway. So why not just make it official.

The weather was generally acceptable, most temps ranging from the low 60s to the high 70s. There was really only one day - the last day - that we had rain, and that was from our "outrunning" Hurricane Ian.

Trip statistics:

  • 11 days and 10 nights.
  • 2,246 miles driven and we averaged 204 miles driven per day driving.
  • Averaged 27.315 MPG for the entire trip.
  • Walked at least 78,510 steps each.
  • 1,405+* pictures taken, and one lone video. Keep in mind that some of the pictures taken from the car are taken 1) at speed, 2) with the camera focusing on something [more] nearby than expected - like the dashboard, and or 3) quickly before the sight passed by [at speed...].
  • 26 meals eaten (NOT incuding some "dinner-snacks" [such as bread, cheese, and wine, not a full meal]).
  • 1 exotic car spotted**: Ford GT.
  • Generally, most drivers used their turn signals and were decent drivers.  There was the occasional idiot going 90+ in a Toyota Corrola or Honda Civic in a 55 or 65 MPH zone, but again, generally, not too many bad drivers.

* This was the final count of pictures from the memory card that was downloaded to the laptop. There were some images that were either blurry or missed the mark altogether. Also, I usually take two pictures with the cell phone because there is no "preview" wherein the camera has a 5 second preview so the shot can be confirmed before taking it again if necessary.
** Since, on day 4, we drove on the Tail Of The Dragon, there MAY have been other exotics that were spotted but missed because the driver's eyes were on the road; and the lone identified exotic was spied parked at the beginning of a string of cars that were probably going to be driving / did drive the Tail that day.

NOTE: The images are toned, hued and adjusted for the settings on MY monitor. Your experience may vary slightly. If you are having difficulty seeing images and they seem "washed out", you may need to turn down the brightness on your monitor.

All pictures [should] have a hover-over pop-up. If you see the thumbnail, hover-over it, and a larger version of the image will appear in a window a little to the side. If you want to see an even BIGGER version of that image, you can either:
- left-click on it, look at it, and then click the browser back button
- right-click on it, and select Open in new tab / window

This site doesn't have all the details, but a sufficient amount to give you enough of an idea about our trip.  And for us to remember the highlights when we read this chronicle next month, next year, or next decade.

Day 1: Alexamdra, VA

Day 2: Shenandoah National Park, VA

Day 3: Roanoke, VA including Mill Mountain, Taubman Museum, and the Pinball Museum

Day 4: Knoxville, TN including Pigeon Forge, Tail of the Dragon, and Smokey Mountain NP

Day 5: Knoxville, TN and Atlanta, GA including World's Fair Park, and the Museum of Art

Day 6: Atlanta, GA

Day 7: Columbia, SC including Congaree NP

Day 8: Charlotte, NC including the Richmond Public Library, and the Mint Museum

Day 9: Raleigh, NC including the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Raleigh Rose Garden, and Richmond Public Library
Day 10: Richmond, VA

Day 11: Alexamdra, VA

Day 2: Shenandoah NP, VA Day 3: Roanoke, VA Day 4: Knoxville, TN Days 5 and 6: Atlanta, GA Day 7: Columbia, SC Day 8: Charlotte, NC Day 9: Raleigh, NC Day 10: Richmond, VA


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