Road Trip: New Orleans, LA

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The photos below are from our trips to NOLA in 1999 and 2002, before our trips were chronicled.
Additional photos can be found from our trip to NOLA in 2017.

Different shots of the bayou.

Aren't they cute? They're about three inches long.

Swimming aligator.

Kids... don't try this at home!


Holding a baby aligator on the tour boat.

Mardi Gras Museum Floats
Crikie, a segment from a float from the 2003 parade

Most of a 450' float from the 2002 parade

The head from a 400' float from the 2002 parade

A collection of floats, mostly from the 2002 parade

IIRC, it was... um... cold in the museum...

Why you should wash your hands before each meal

Marilyn Monroe "statue".

Steve posing with a large float head.

Pam with the parade King and Queen heads.

Linda with a parade King.

Eacb of us wearing a costume.

A jewelry or some other sort of decorative piece.

The two of us in photo cut-outs as the king and queen (I'm obviously not responsible for the poor photo alignment).

Movie set
When we visited "Nawlins" in 2002, at Café du Monde, they were filming a scene from the movie "Runaway Jury" staring Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, John Cusak, and Jennifer Leigh.
During filming we could get no closer than across a four lane street. In between shoots, we were allowed to get closer, such as to be able to see extras and stand-ins. Anyone who knows Café du Monde will know the shots can't be realistic because there are hardly any people in them.

Dustin Hoffman, from behind (wearing a blue shirt with vest)

Another shot of Dustin Hoffman

Film work in progress

The view from the seventh (or so) floor of the hotel where we were staying.

Our room.

I didn't keep good notes back then, so these are just here for memories.

Some birds.

Other self-explanitory animals (and if not, I don't know what they are anyway).

A selfie.


Cyprus Tree on the plantation

You won't find one of these in Delaware... (not that there's anything wrong with it)

A juggler on a really tall unicycle, juggling knives

The NOLA skyline from across the Mississippi

Jackson Square
Linda actually ran into a coworker here, on this day.

Café du Monde, with a lens filter

Typical street view, Bourbon Street perhaps

Another couple of street views, this one from a balcony café

A couple more streets

A street performer - this one poses like a statue for photo-ops.

The NOLA cemetary graves are above groud due to the fact that the city is below sea level.
These are a couple families' listings of deceased relatives.

A couple of courtyards / alleys.

The Mississippi River, the first with the city skyline in the distance, on the way to the bayou tour.

Inside Saint Louis Cathedral.

The three of us somewhere, though with the ID stickers, I think it MIGHT have been before doing the bayou tour.

An unusual looking golden arches.

A monument (though this may have been at the zoo).

An [apparent] entryway to something.

An interesting looking house.

Albino aligator