Road Trip: Williamsburg, VA

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Not exactly sure when all the pictures are from, but we have been to Williamsburg twice, though we didn't take too many pictures in all. They were scanned hard copies, so there is no meta data to check...

Visit the Williamsburg portion of the full chronical of the April 2024 roadtrip here.

1999 and 200?
Battalion of minutemen - aiming

Battalion of minutemen - shooting

Museum Garden

A path behind a house

The capitol

The capitol tower, including a closer-up

The Carter House, including a closer-up

The Coat Of Arms [on one of the buildings]

Arms / the armory

Court / tribunal

Two gardens: one vegetable, one floral with a pathway

The mall

Colonel (he hasn't been promoted yet) Washington

The fife and drum band

A couple slave actors. I mean, actors acting as slaves...

A [small] troop of soldiers (minutemen?)

More period actors

Officer quarters

An encampment

An ornate candlestick

Wine cellar

Selfie (Linda and Steve)

Linda and Pam

Steve and Pam