Road Trips

The dedicated subdomain for the "South" has been replaced with this subdomain for all our "road trips".  We have plans for pretty much the rest of the country (though they may not count as "road trips" - do "road trips" include any air travel?).
One trip at a time...

Future: Canada, via Niagra Falls.
Driving into Canada, all the way up to Quebec City, and back.
This will probably be a more-than-a-week and less-than-two-week trip, not after all the capitals, but rather somewhere between them.
There are no state capitals on this trip, but we will add another country to that total.

Future: Nevada and California.
While we still iron out the optimum travel paths, we are strongly considering splitting northwest Nevada - covering Carson City, Reno, and Lake Tahoe - and all of California as a separate trip since CA itself would encompass over 2,000 miles. This would include eight of the nine national parks in CA (we're still on the fence about Death Valley), as well as Sacramento, San Fransisco, and LA. And on this trip, rather than on the Southwest trip, we would go to Hawaii.
If done in this order, this trip will add the final three capitals to the tally, bringing it to 50.

Future: Southwest.
This will possibly be closer to the originally planned southwest trip than the two-trip Northwest. One significant different: when finishing in Phoenix, our last mainland capital, we'll probably go all the way to LA and or San Diego, and then go to Hawaii from there. Much like the situation with Alaska, Hawaii was going to be a separate trip, but since we'll be all the way out there, why fly all the way home and then back again since it would be far more economical and save significantly more time than going JUST to Hawaii.
There is a possibility that we may NOT go to CA and end in Phoenix, and go to CA as a separate trip.
If done in this order, this trip will add four capitals to the tally, bringing it to 47.

Future: Northwest.
This was originally planned to be split into two, but with the cost of flying out, and now that we aren't constrained by work-related vacation time, we have a little more flexibility to travel for longer stints at a time.
Also, Alaska was going to be a separate trip, but after we reach Seattle, WA, we will likely head to Juneau - afterall, why fly all the way home and then back again since it would be far more economical and save significantly more time than going JUST to Alaska.
If done in this order, this trip will add six capitals to the tally, bringing it to 43.

2024 - Up the middle of the country.
including Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; Hot Springs NP, and Little Rock, AR; Springfield, Jefferson City, and Kansas City, MO; Topeka, and Lebanon, KS; Lincoln, and O'Neill, NE; Pierre, Badlands NP, Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave NP, and Belle Fourche, SD; and Bowman, Theodore Roosevelt NP, and Bismarck, ND.
This trip added eight capitals to our tally, bringing it to 37. There were also four more National Parks (NP) adding to the count as well, bringing that count to 12.

2024 - Charlotte, NC
including New River Gorge NP and Roanoke, VA (again); Charlotte, NC (again); and Williamsburg, VA.
Mind Games was in Charlotte, NC, so we drove there - adding a National Park to the count, and making a couple stops going there and coming home.

2023 - Ohio, again
from Des Moines, IA, including St. Paul, MN; Madison and Milwaukee, WI; Chicago and Springfield, IL; Sand Dunes NP, IN; St. Louis and the Gateway Arch NP, MO; Indianapolis, IN; Middletown, MD; Gettysburg and Harrisburg, PA.
Mind Games was announced to be back in Ohio after only four years. And this time it is in the capital. Though we've already been there, we decided to make a road trip out of it anyway - fly into a city (keep reading), and eventually finish in Columbus and come home from there. But we're going to go start further west and go to St. Paul, Des Moines, Madison, and Springfield. It costs almost $500 for both of us to fly home from Columbus. So we're going to drive and spend one more night on the road. After this trip, we'll be up to 29 capitals.

2022 - Southeast
including Shenandoah NP and Roanoke, VA; Pigeon Forge and Smokey Mountain NP, NC; Atlanta, GA; Columbus and Congaree NP, SC; Charlotte and Raleigh, NC; and Richmond, VA.

2022 - New England
including Albany, NY; Montpelier, VT; Augusta, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Acadia NP, and Portland, ME; Concord, NH; Boston, MA; Providence, RI; Hartford, CT; and Westchester, NY.

2019 - Ohio
including Harrisburg and Pittsburg, PA; Columbus, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Lansing and Toledo, MI; Cuyahoga NP and Wadsworth, OH; Somerset, PA.

The South

2017 - The Capitals Tour
from Tampa, west along the Gulf Coast to NOLA and Baton Rogue, and then north to Carleston, WV, via Jackson, MS; Montgomery, AL; Nashville, TN; and Frankfort, KY.

2015 - The Inland Trip
from Tampa, FL, north but inland a little / more-west from the i95 trip - think through Atlanta, GA; Asheville, NC; and Wytheville, VA.

2011 - The i95 Trip
from Tampa, FL, up the east coast on i95 through Savannah, GA; Saint Simmon Island, GA; Charleston, SC; Winston-Salem and Raleigh, NC; and Richmond, VA.

I decided to reorganize the website a little, and thus moved some of the individual photos from older travels from their own sites to here.
An arguement could be made that these technically aren't all "road trips", especially since we flew to a couple of these cities (like NOLA and Chicago) and walked or used public transportation to get around.
These collections are mostly JUST photos, with little to no commentary because we weren't doing that back then (chronicles started 2018ish).

Mount Vernon, VA - 2003

Boston, MA - 2001, 2022

Washington, DC - 2001 and 2003

New Orleans, LA - 1999 and 2002, 2017 Day 4, 2017 Day 5

Williamsburg, VA - 1999 and 200?

Chicago, IL - 1998, 2023